Frank Rubolino – Cadence Jazz Magazine

Person takes his alto and soprano into the stratosphere with soaring solos…with all his talent, it is good to see him concentrating on the leader’s role.

Michael Renner – Jazz Series Review

From the first chorus of “Magenta”you know saxophonist Eric Person has the chops and the compositional skills to make interesting, listenable music without pandering to any preconceived notions about what modern jazz should be

Andrea Perkins – Metro Santa Cruz 

Eric Person is a conjurer. This St.Louis saxman and his new group, Meta-Four transend the common terrain of jazz. In a post-bop era in which it is perilously easy for all saxophone improvisers to sound alike, Person lights up the scene with a very rare lyricism and lush originality.

Each of his nuanced compositions, from the subdued ballads to his frenetic riffing, embarks on an entirely new mood. Dynamics, rhythms, tempos shift freely, creating an invigorating musical texture. Person’s discourse with pianist John Esposito and Bassist Danton Boller is truly engrossing.

John Chacona-Signal to Noise

Person is from St.Louis. Like most of his homeboys, he cultivates a sheer beauty of sound that’s often breathtaking. Listen to the round, full yet emotional sound he gets on soprano, an instrument that is almost impossible to listen to after a decade of degradation by smooth jazz candyman. On alto too, his sound is big and singing with a hint of bluesy smoke. This is an artist that demands and rewards your attention.

Russ Musto – All About Jazz 

Person is more then fine; he’s a major talent of his generation.

Joe Klopus-Kansas City Star

Saxman Eric Person turned in a deeply impressive show in November at the Blue room. Person and his Meta-Four band played with a singleness of purpose that we never hear enough of. Each player seemed concerned with pushing the others to play their best-and they did.

Roman St. James of

“If you’ve never heard Eric Person, I urge you to get him in your ears.”

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