Lucy G

Seeing Eric Person and the Meta-Four (Chris Joris on percussion, Jan de Haas on drums, Free Desmyter on piano and Yannick Peeters on bass) in “de Jazzzolder”, Mechelen was truly an experience I will never forget. The set list of the evening was a fabulous blend of vibrant and soulful compositions by Eric Person, an avant-garde piece by Chris Joris and a finishing touch à la New Orleans. Hypnotizing were Eric Person’s alto and soprano sax leads when strong and funky when sensual and melodious, the progressive and degressive tempos subtly effected by Free Desmyter, Yannick Peeters, Chris Joris and Jan de Haas, Chris Joris’ playful but genius harmonic interventions and the overall musical wholeness. Looking forward to a future performance Eric Person and the Meta-Four.

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